Impact Beyond the Numbers

"The class is a positive turning point in my life. All my pronunciation faults were uncovered and help in correcting them received."

"Stefani is wonderful at teaching this class; she is aware of our needs in pronunciation. This class is exactly what I was looking for, and I hope it will be offered again in this hospital."

"Thanks to Stefani, my fear of pronouncing English as a second language is gone. Her material and dedication helped me so much."

Pronunciation class, summer 2010

Stefani and Junichi

"One of the major reasons I chose MIIS as the school to study at is that one of my colleagues told me that the pronunciation class was quite informative and practical.  I am happy to have had the chance to attend the pronunciation course taught by the same instructor as he had.

With regard to English pronunciation, I learned much more in these three weeks than I had learned for the past fifteen years.

The course was very useful and is recommendable to my colleagues."


"I had the opportunity to take advantage of a wonderful class with Stefani Mistretta, who helped me improve my spoken English. This course focused on word stress, intonation, and rhythm of the language.  The teaching method is just great. Stefani, with patience and enthusiasm, has taught me the proper positioning of the tongue and lips before a word comes out of my mouth.  What she has taught me is a solid foundation upon which I can build up.  Therefore, I very highly recommend her tutoring to other people who want to improve their English."


Stefani and Sonam

Stefani and Sonya

"For Asian people, reading and writing English are easier than listening and speaking it. Speaking English with correct pronunciation and intonation is not in our typical language learning agenda. But it's truly important to communicate with people. In Stefani's class, I started to realize that there are so many nuances that I never paid attention to before. Thanks to her fun and creative class, I got a clear picture of how native speakers express English naturally, and found right ways to improve my speaking ability. Pronunciation and intonation are keys to speak perfect English and Stefani is the key to improve above-mentioned keys."


"Stefani, thank you for making your class so entertaining. I loved your songs and I really improved my pronunciation."


Stefani and Teresa

"The instructor was so nice and paid so much attention to correcting our mistakes in pronunciation and teaching us the best ways to speak English...  I felt such a satisfaction to touch the phonetic phenomena in English through this course.  I wish I could see the instructor again in the next semester, if the situation allows me to do so."


With thanks to the Middlebury (formerly Monterey) Institute of International Studies, Custom Language Service