Student Resources

Democracy Now!
Daily independent news program--stories, interviews, daily headlines you can read, watch, or listen to. This award-winning show provides access to people andperspectives rarely heard in the U.S.corporate-sponsored media.

American Rhetoric Online Speech Bank
Great website where you can hear (and sometimes watch) famous American speeches while you read the transcripts.

American Rhetoric Movie Speeches
Hear, read, and watch famous speeches or scenes from movies.

Voice of America
News and special interest stories, many of which you can listen to (or watch) while reading the transcript. 

Voice of America - Special English
Special section of stories in the "Learning English" section where the speaking is natural-sounding but slowed down for English learners. 

English Pronunciation VirtualLab (The New Okanagan College)
The best site I've found for interactive pronunciation practice
Word games, puzzles, quizzes, exercises, slang, proverbs and much more.

Phonetics: The Sounds of American English (University of Iowa)
See and hear how the individual sounds of American English are produced.

Video on the Voiceless and Voiced /TH/ Sound

Video on the American /R/ Sound

Video on the /W/ Sound

The Free Dictionary
My favorite online dictionary with audio.  Loaded with information if you scroll down the page.
Hear words (in many languages) pronounced.  Some different forms of words, such as past tense and plural, also some words in phrases.
Fastest access to words. British pronunciation, but most words are the same as American English. Can also translate a chosen word into many different languages.

rush hour
"Rush Hour Ingles"

3 CDs for learning English in the car; CD 3 is all the sung dialogues from CDs 1 and 2—in English and Spanish

clear speech
Clear Speech from the Start
(2001) Student book
by Judy B. Gilbert

clear speech
Clear Speech
3rd Ed.
Student book

accurate english
Accurate English: A Complete Course in Pronunciation
by Rebecca M. Dauer
A classic with lots of useful information and exercises for use in class or individual study

interview rehearsal
The Interview Rehearsal Book
by Deb Gottesman & Buzz Mauro
A classic with lots of useful information and exercises for use in class or individual study