Learn English in Person

Learn in person There are many different ways to work on improving your pronunciation—group classes, CDs and videos, interactive software, etc. Why is my individual coaching special? I'm not a big company. I'm not selling anything. I'm one teacher who loves language and music, and especially likes the unique way they are connected in the English language.

Each student is different. It's a creative challenge for me to try and understand each student's needs, and figure out the best way to help. Each class is custom designed just for you.

And I always try to make my classes pleasant and even fun. Yes, it's possible!

My main focus is on Rhythm and Intonation, or the "Music of English," but we will also work on the individual sounds that are difficult for you. Words are never pronounced alone. We always say words in phrases and sentences, so that's how we'll work on them. Our goal is to make your speech more "listener-friendly" or easily understood.

My classes are $50 an hour, and can last from one and a half to two hours, once or twice a week. (I recommend at least 2 hours a week.) There will be some work to do on your own. You will be asked to record and practice what we work on, and to write some paragraphs (about yourself, your work, etc). We will use your own words in the sentences you write to work on pronunciation and phrasing.

You will soon begin to speak English more naturally, and have fun doing it.

Please contact me if you have any questions about my classes.