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Do you have an important presentation or speech to give soon?  Do you know what you want to say, but don't know if your listeners will understand what you're saying?

This can be excellent motivation to work on your pronunciation! 

If you can write it, I can help you say it in a more "listener-friendly" way.  Even if some individual sounds are not pronounced perfectly, your speech will sound much more natural and understandable to English speakers if you practice the unique "musical signals" (rhythm and pitch) we use in English to tell our listeners what's important. 

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On-Site English Classes

I am willing to travel for on-site individual or group classes in person (especially to France!)  I am located in California, about an hour from Silicon Valley and two hours from the San Francisco Bay area.  Through the Custom Language Service at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, I have gained valuable experience working with diplomats and business executives on their specific language needs.   

Please inquire for pricing and more information.

English Tutoring

Pronunciation is a vital part of any English study program, even for beginners.  I can help you with reading or writing, grammar or vocabulary—always approaching them from the sound of the language and the way words and phrases work together.  Word stress, reduction, connected speech, as well as the "musical signals" of rhythm and intonation are always emphasized in my classes.    

Regular Pricing

Pronunciation in Action Workshop

Teacher training workshops are available to explain and demonstrate the vital importance of teaching Prosody (Rhythm and Intonation) to English learners at all levels.  I have presented this workshop for regional Library Literacy Program tutors, Adult 2010 Literacy ConferenceSchool teachers, and at the Professional Development Conference for Adult Literacy Teachers and Tutors, sponsored by The Literacy Campaign for Monterey County in 2009 and 2010.  At the county conference, teachers especially requested "practical and innovative teaching tools and tips they can use immediately."   

My background in music and love of poetry and children's verse has led me to a unique selection of materials emphasizing "the music of English."  Individual sounds are important for clear speech, but even more important is learning to hear and imitate the unique rhythm of English, as well as the melody, or pitch changes, we use to tell our listeners what's important.

Please inquire for pricing and more information.